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The Carlyle Group’s 2017 CCR

July 2017
We recently completed The Carlyle Group’s 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report. We helped Carlyle tell the story of how they are building their capacity to engage with environmental, social and governance issues. In designing the report, we selected images and graphics that underlined Carlyle's growth in these areas. This included our photography of twenty-two female executives, demonstrating the advancement of women's leadership at Carlyle. The report also features case studies that show how Carlyle is investing in the sustainability of their portfolio companies. In keeping with the latest trends in CSR design, the online version of the report incorporates short videos at the start of each section.

Tell your story with a case study

May 2015
Case studies can bring your brand to life. While an annual report’s purpose is to give investors the facts and figures, case studies can illustrate not only what you do but also how you do it. They can also highlight third-party endorsements that build brand credibility and loyalty. Case studies are a great way to feature stories that show how your company affects everyday lives. In producing the IIC’s 2014 Annual Report, we combined visuals with the case studies to highlight the full impact of IIC’s activities. We featured images of real business owners and products, such as entrepreneurs from Haiti and Bolivia, including artesian ham company Jamones Selectos de Zenteno. The case studies show the people IIC helps and demonstrate how IIC is fulfilling the report’s theme of “shaping the future together.”
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