3 Reasons for brand consistency

A good brand is more than a logo. Brands are built over time and require strategic thinking to implement in a way that produces results. Careful and deliberate steps are needed to shape how people perceive your product and organization as a whole.

1. Consistency builds trust. Implementing a consistent, clear brand program will instill confidence, indicate stability and build trust over time. Unfocused or visual inconsistency could lead to confusion about your products or your overall mission. Stakeholders will come to expect certain things based on the perceived values instilled by your branding efforts. And don’t think consistency means boring. Think of the most powerful worldwide brands, such as Apple or Coke. These are well-developed brands focused on consistency, but they are anything but boring.

2. Brand implementation takes time. It’s been said that when your brand starts feeling repetitive or boring to you, others are just getting it. You’re doing it right then. It takes time and repetition for people to go from general awareness of who you are to being remembered. Branding provides the glue that holds your message together for the public. It works both with what you are saying and how you are visually presenting it.

3. Branding affects the bottom line. Long-term, consistent branding efforts build equity in your organization. It goes beyond existing products or services and reaches into future initiatives. Whatever goals you have set—attracting new membership, changing viewpoints or increasing sales and profits, the brand story you consistently tell will lead the way.

FCI can help you with your branding efforts. We have experience designing logos, corporate identity systems and complete branding programs, over all media platforms. Do you have a Brand Standard Guide? This can a be a simple online page or a multi-page printed brochure that maps out usage for all your visual presentations. The guide can be the first step in implementing a consistent branding program.

Ask us to show you some examples of branding work we have done. We’re here to help.

—January 2018